During this unprecedented time, as we are isolating from our usual socializing, I am offering a variety of mentoring options, and will be glad to discuss your specific needs. Whether you need a single feedback/response, or you want to have two or more conversations, I will consider all options. Feel free to contact me with your ideas! Stay safe and make things!!

The goal of art mentoring is to give artists individual feedback on their artwork and help them to focus and develop a cohesive body of work. The artist will send me several images of their work by email. I will spend some time with the images and we follow that with a telephone conversation - up to 45 minutes - to discuss the work. Our conversation might focus on the process, the direction, the techniques, the elements of art, the body of work, etc. There are many possible areas to focus our discussion. The idea is to determine what the goals of the artist are and to work toward achieving those goals. I can also demonstrate specific techniques and provide any information on materials, if wanted. Once a week brief emails in between telephone sessions are included, or if preferred, all conversations can be via email. The sessions can begin during any month. Within one hour of Guilford, CT, I can visit your studio or workspace, or I can travel farther with travel expenses added. Please email me for further information - suzanne@suzannesiegel.net

"I've taken many classes and workshops with Suzanne over several years. I totally enjoy her style of teaching. I'm about to use several adjectives to describe Suzanne, and I'm selecting them with great thought...She is calm, creative, prepared, a problem-solver, and very encouraging. Suzanne has helped me greatly to progress in my art. No matter where I am in my art journey..."
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